If a client will choose our V.I.P. service, the very next question from our agent will be whether the client intends to select that as a "Stand alone" (full service, ala carte) or elect to combine with our Tickle Bitch service ( contra, full feetured and course) or our Romantic Tickle service. (appetizer, with standard fare). On average, most choose the latter. Although the choice is yours, we nonetheless recommend the third option for first timers and those in higher age/health risk categories. And note for purposes of illustration, someone who will elect our Tickle Bitch/V.I.P. combo will start with the former, be diverted away from our milk extraction unit and instead be placed in the custody and control of our hot, sexy and dynamic, full service hostess, Jenica, for completion of a remarkable evening. Such is the nature of any service provided by the uniquely devined ladies of Tickle Salon. 

Unlike those who typically provide domination services, we are not generalists. Ours is a very limited fare that will not fit the average palette. We rather take great comfort in that knowledge and do not desire expansion into other genres. For in our modest sexual cove, what little we do is performed in a way that has no true rival. Bar none, Tickle Salon is the very best tickle and foot fetish fantasy experience provider in all the world. 

Created by Mylin Buya