TickleBitch tickling and foot fetish fantasy package

Here, our unique and aggressive feet in your face dominant specialists will tie, tease and tickle, and play your most sensitive parts, including male/female privates, toe tied feet, self and staff identified hot spots. 

Before choosing this package, please be aware that while client health and safety concerns are always paramount, we DO NOT, as a matter of general policy, provide, permit, nor otherwise recognize the use of "safe words". 

Furthermore, you are cautioned to mind your mouth lest our specialists see fit to tape it shut, throw down their heels, and park/post/spread their sweaty hosed toes flush with your nose. 

Then and lastly, before being released, you will be summarily milked into a special cum cup runneth over souvenir trophy.

COUNT ON IT~ Our TickleBitch staff is an assemblage of some of God’s most erotically gifted creations.

Created by Mylin Buya