TB Mylin getting the lay of the lair before her client’s arrival last night. She not tolerate abbreviated seesions.

Beginning today, any client placing a custom order with may likewise purchase any clothes / accessories worn by the model during the making of the video for an additional fee.


RED SHOE DIARY REPORT, filed by Dina..

While finishing up with one of our recent clients, he remarked that my feet were like stinkboats. Before he could say more, I gently tugged at an auxiliary safety rope joined at the ends beneath the bench upon which he was now sitting vertically to remind him that he was not yet free to leave ( a fact that had been lost on him in his tired stupor), and insisted that he clarify his remark. He refused.

I left him tied momentarily and scurried to the back office to see if any of my coworkers understood what the client meant. Imagine my dismay at learning the meaning of the words. I also began to feel a hurt/resentment, knowing that the words followed a particularly arduous three hour session, during which I had all but tickled  the  "stuffing" out of the client, all the while using my poor little pair of otherwise unremarkable size no. 7s, now very dutifully tired, and sweaty, even raw at the toes, for having been moved moved up and down the shaft of the clients stiffy. Yet now made all the worse by a thoughtless insult earned for having merely done my damnedest to ensure the client would succeed to deposit every bit of his cum into his souvenir cup, even proceeding some 30 minutes after his first of several reports of goal "achieved" to eliminate any possible error. ( it is not unusual for our clients to make false claim they are bone dry to avoid the shame they perceive of too many cum). We understand that many of our clients are lonely because of their unique desires and therefore mind them by knowing when knot to, you see..

But back to my sore feet ( and even more soar feelings). My God, doesn’t that client know I never ever let even a single month pass without a self manicure and I ALWAYS wash my hose after only just one week’s continuous wear. And why no one else ever complain. ( yes, its true that we had some storm over the weekend that caused me to put off my laundry for a week or such. But so what. That’s my problem, is it knot?

After taking a break, I returned to the client FULLY DETERMINED TO RESOLVE THE MATTER and/or, if needed, make this problem be one that he would share..

To be continued..

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