Asia’s top tickle and foot fetish experience/custom media center

MYLIN is an erotic princess and President of Ticklesalon
Based in Makati City, Metro Manila, TickleSalon is Asia’s top tickle and foot fetish fantasy experience. We have quickly become a Manila(phile) must, with a growing world following.

Depending on the your request and our own independent assessment, our wide spectrum of services can be precisely engaged to relax you from head to toe, and yet moments later, send you running for the exit, only to be caught, subdued and tied down by our teams of femme fetales.

We comprise a most unique selection of entertainers who pride themselves on knowing of a man more than he typically prefer to reveal, define consent by mere inference, and are expert in the extraction of cum, by whatever means. 

At the end of the day, some necessarily longer than others, we are the very experience that most men yearn for during the course of a lifetime, but are hard to find.


Our basic service is nothing short of a Tickle Romance that includes a most relaxing and gently stimulating tickle massage. Although we do not tie clients for this service, our knowing employ of fingers, feather and brush, as appropriate, will invariably give you just enough of a reason to ponder the result if we would.   

For those wishing to find out, we offer an erotic Tickle Bitch tickling and foot fetish fantasy package, inclusive of physical intervention and restraint, foot domination, tickle torture and very happy endings.                

Finally, for those outside the Metro, and/or otherwise seeking related audiovisual content, please see our custom media center.     
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